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NSHOF Visiting Boats Archive


  • MISTRESS - Hoyt 76

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MISTRESS LOA: 76.5' Class/Type: Hoyt 76 Builder: Eastern Shipbuilding Designer: Hoyt Launch Date: 1930 Skipper: Glenn McCormick  ...
  • MORGAINE - 10' Acorn Dinghy

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MORGAINE LOA:  10'  Draft: 18.75" Class/Type:  10' Acorn Dinghy Builder:  Kristin White Designer:  Iain Oughtred Owner/Skipper:  Kristin White MORGAINE was built by the owner, while a college student, from a set of pl...
  • MUSTANG - Camper & Nicholson 83' maxi yacht

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MUSTANG LOA: 83' Class/Type: Maxi Builder: Southern Ocean Shipyard Designer: Camper & Nicholson Launch Date: 1987 Skipper: A vintage Whitbread Ocean Race yacht, MUSTANGhas been around the world six times. A rare combination of a Maxi ocean r...
  • MUSTANG - New York 32

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MUSTANG LOA: 32' Class/Type: New York 32 Class Builder: Olin Nevins Designer: Olin Stephens Launch Date: 1936 Skipper: Simon King In 1935, when the New York Yacht Club was looking for boats to replace the "Thirties" created by Herreshoff, their r...
  • MYRTEA - Cheoy Lee Bermuda 30

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    MYRTEA LOA: 32' Class/Type: Bermuda 30 (Modified H-28) Builder: Cheoy Lee Shipyard, Hong Kong Designer: Cheoy Lee Launch Date: 1963 Skipper: Rob Rowlands Description of BOAT NAME. MYRTEA is a modified H-28 design, ketch-rigged, copper-riveted te...
  • NIGHTSHADE - Herreshoff 36.5

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    NIGHTSHADE LOA: 36.5' Class/Type: Custom Ketch Builder: Capt. Hardy Designer: L. Francis Herreshoff Launch Date: 1973 Skipper: Donald Shea For more information on NIGHTSHADE email don @ shea.cc  ...
  • NSHOF Education Programs

    Education - Learning Math & Science Through Sailing
    National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame Education Initiatives The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame (NSHOF) is working to bring together educators from across the country to provide a means to share resources and use our website to provide virtual di...
  • NSHOF Education Programs-with partners

    Education - Learning Math & Science Through Sailing
    National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame Education Initiatives The National Sailing Center & Hall of Fame (NSCHOF) is working to bring together educators from across the country to provide a means to share resources and use our website to provide virtual d...
  • OUTWARD BOUND HI30 - 30' Sharpie

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    OUTWARD BOUND Hurricane Island 30 (HI30) LOA: 30' Class/Type: Sharpie Builder: Ryder Boats Designer: Rodger Martin Launch Date: 2009 Skipper: Various  Built to support a program that includes sailing for youth leaders, teachers, Outward...
  • PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II - Reproduction 1812-era Topsail Schooner Privateer

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II LOA: 96' on deck, 157' sparred length Class/Type: Topsail Schooner Builder: G. Peter Boudreau Designer: Thomas Gillmer Launch Date: April 30, 1988 Captains: Jan Miles, Jamie Trost   PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II was commission...
  • Register now for the 2014 Workshop - National Consortium on Learning Math & Science Through Sailing

    Education - Learning Math & Science Through Sailing
    Friday, October 10, 2014 10:30 p.m. – 4 p.m.Robert Crown Sailing Center United States Naval Academy Annapolis A limited number of early registrants will receive a50% discount on their ticket price for the United States Sailboat Show CLICK HERE T...
  • ROBERT P - 29' Gaff-rigged Catboat

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    ROBERT P LOA: 29' 4" Class/Type: Gaff-rigged catboat Builder: Builder Name Designer: B.B. Crownshield Launch Date: 2012 Skipper: Robert Pulsch Built using a 1900 Crownshield design, ROBERT P is a new boat with a classic heart. Drawing only 18" wi...
  • SASHAY - Star Class

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SASHAY LOA: 22.8' Class/Type: Star Class Builder: Lippincott Designer: Francis Sweisguth Launch Date: 1956 Skipper: Elliott Oldak The Star Class sailboat is a two-person racing keelboat that was an Olympic-class boat from 1932 through 2012. Activ...
  • SILENT MAID - 33' Catboat Racer

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SILENT MAID LOA: 33' Class/Type: Replica Wooden Catboat Builder: John BradyIndependence Seaport Museum Designer: Francis Sweisguth Launch Date: 1938 Owner/Skipper: Peter Kellogg   SILENT MAID is a reproduction of the original SILENT MAID, a...
  • SORCERER II - 100-foot Research Sailboat

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SORCERER II LOA: 100' Class/Type: Sloop Builder: Cookson Designer: Frers Launch Date: 1998 Skipper: Charles Howard, Captain/Engineer The Sorcerer II Expedition is a global oceanographic mission to sample and discover microbes around the world, le...
  • SPELLBOUND - Cutts and Case 47

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SPELLBOUND LOA: 47' Class/Type: Custom Yacht Builder: Cutts and Case Designer: Ed Cutts, Sr. Launch Date: 1970 Skipper: Edmund Cutts, Jr.  ...
  • STRADIVARIUS - International 14

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    STRADIVARIUS LOA: 14' Class/Type: International 14 Builder: McCutcheon Designer: Bruce Kirby Launch Date: 1967 Skipper: Tom Price / Douglas Loup (owner) This is a double-handed racing dinghy that originated in England in the early part of th...
  • SULTANA - 97' Topsail Schooner

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SULTANA LOA: 97' Length on Deck: 51' 3" Class/Type: Topsail Schooner Builder: John Swain Boatbuilders, LLC Designer: Original design may be from Benjamin Hallowell, a renowned Boston Shipwright, in 1768 Launch Date: 2001 Skipper: Tanya Banks-Chris...
  • SURF BIRD - Custom Double-Ender Ketch

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    SURF BIRD LOA:  44' Class/Type: Custom double-ender ketch Builder:  Ralph Wiley Designer:  Ralph Wiley SURF BIRD is a lively double-ender, ketch, rigged, round chined centerboard boat built for the Chesapeake Bay.  She draws 4...
  • TIME - Traditional 34'

    On-Site Programs - Visiting Boats
    TIME LOA: 34' Class/Type: Traditional Builder: The Apprentice Shop Designer: Thomas Gilford Launch Date: 2008 Skipper: Mark Scott TIME was designed in 1946 and built in 2008 by the Apprentice Shop in Rockland, Maine....
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