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STEM Sailing  

NSHOF STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) at Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Go Directly to: "The Science of Sailing" Curriculum

Go Directly to: "Navigation" Curriculum

The Science Behind the 34th America's Cup  

The Science Behind the 34th America's Cup

(Video Series)


NSHOF National Consortium on Teaching
Math and Science Through Sailing

Video - 50 Years of FAST  

50 Years of FAST: North Sails 1957 - 2007

Video on technology advances in sail design over time.



REACH - US Sailing's STEM Education Program

Time and Navigation - Smithsonian  

Time and Navigation -
a New Exhibit at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

Hudson River Community Sailing  

Hudson River Community Sailing

Young Mariners Foundation  

Young Mariners Foundation

Pride II Education  

Pride of Baltimore II's STEM-H Program

More cool ways people are using Sailing to teach Math & Science  

More Resources Using Sailing to
Teach Math & Science

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The Class of 2014

3rd NSHOF Learning Math & Science Through Sailing Consortium National Workshop Oct. 10, 2014. Click here for more info & to register.

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